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Raag Puria Dhanashri

Raag Puria Dhanashri (Teen Taal)

Haveli Sangeet (Basant)

Evening Live

Raag Desh


Raag Saraswati (tarana)

Raag Shahana

Vocal Recital in India Habitat Centre, September, 2016

Lec-dem/ presentation on 'Haveli Compositions in Hindustani Classical Music.

Indian Classical Vocalist Dr. Neeta Mathur Exclusive Interview Part 01

Dr. Neeta Mathur Sings Raag Basant Mukhari & Haveli Sangeet's Composition

Raag Mala - Dr. Neeta Mathur

Bhajan in Raag Bhairavi - Bhaj Prabhu Jap Le Hari Naam by Dr. Neeta Mathur

“Indian Music is divine in origin and hence endowed with great powers. Music brings order out of chaos. In today’s materialistic world, where age-old ethical norms and moral values are fast deteriorating and a man is under constant pressure of mental as well as emotional stress, music can work as an effective tool for solving many of our problems related to hyper tension, stress and other disorders ” 

- Dr. Neeta Mathur