" Hindustani sangeet mein Holi Gayan". Author- Dr. Neeta Mathur (published by radha Publications ,Delhi)

This book on Holi, (The Hindu festival of colours celebrated during spring season)
offers a systematic study of the origin and historical development of the classical music forms
associated with this vernal festival.The author brilliantly discusses the diverse mystic traditions
and their interlink with the classical forms in terms of their musical and literary content, style of rendition, talas or rhythmic variations etc.
A pair of cassettes containing classical Hori compositions by renowned musicians is also attached with the book . 

“Indian Music is divine in origin and hence endowed with great powers. Music brings order out of chaos. In today’s materialistic world, where age-old ethical norms and moral values are fast deteriorating and a man is under constant pressure of mental as well as emotional stress, music can work as an effective tool for solving many of our problems related to hyper tension, stress and other disorders ” 

- Dr. Neeta Mathur