Shastriya Sangeet Ke Surya' ,biography of Acharya (Pt.) Gokulotsavji Maharaj, authored by Dr. Neeta Mathur.

The above book contains valuable insights into the life,achievements,contributions and self composed bandishes (compositions with notations) of Eminent classical musician Padmawardee Pt. Gokulotsavji Maharaj whose musical genius has enthralled millions of people worldwide for more than almost five decades.Pt.Gokulotsavji's credentials are unparallelled as he is not only proficient in Khayal,Tarana,Dhrupad and Haveli sangeet but is also well versed in Samgan,Prabandh,Ashtpadi and other rare ancient forms.
His rendition is soulful and meditative.His style is marked for purity,depth,classicism,authentic presentation of rare as well as popular Raags and aesthetic charm interwoven with a soothing ,unassuming and spontaneous improvisation of classical forms. His aalapchari is meditative and tanas are rich and varied consisting of intricate patterns---sapat,choot,bal-pench, lahak, zarab, gamak ki Taan, Karak ki taan ,phirat, sfoort,dagar,tirip,urap,lag-dat, andolit, murcchit, meend, dhruv, phand, sarfund, koot, vikat, vidar, adar, merukhand, khandmeru, sakhandmeru, akhandmeru, chonp, 15 types of gamak,dagar , humphit, gitkiri, bolbant, neembat, swarsandhan, kramvistar,aalapti, lom-vilom, behlave,drut, anudrut, laghudrut, dam(pause). His dhrupads consist of sarvang gayaki (complete in all the components of a perfect rendition)

With his sound and indepth knowledge of Vedas,Vedant,Sanscrit,Persian and Urdu texts,Panditji is surely one of the finest ,most virtuous and distinguished musician as well as scholar whose selfless dedication to the cause of classical music is an inspiration to the entire music fraternity.
In the words of world renowned Sitar Maestro bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankarji" I have become a great admirer of his music."

"Shastriya sangeet ke Surya' also consists of acclaims and accolades for Pt. Gokulotsavji by world renowned classical musicians- Pt. Ravi shankarji,Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi,Pt. Jasraj,Ustad N. Aminuddin Dagar,Ustad Amjad Ali khan and many eminent musicians of india.
Maharajji has guided and supervised more than 72 thesises including research projects for various academic bodies,universities and colleges. He has written several books and presented
lecture -demonstrations,workshops,symposiums in many cities of india and abroad.he has composed more than 5000 compositions including Sanscrit,Persian,Hindi verses for Khayal,Dhrupad,Dhamar,Ragmala,Tarana.(Sanscrit and Persian couplets)
The chapters in the book contain varied topics pertaining to musicology and incorporate Maharajji's views on several subjects -Riyaz(music practice),Rag sadhna,Tarana,Khayal,nadyoga,pranyoga and some rare musical material collected from his audio-video recordings,interviews,paper reviews,discussions,AIR broadcasts,T.V.recordings,
concerts/conferences held in India and abroad.
Pt. Gokulotsavji Maharaj has created a number of Ragas-Adbhut Ranjani,Prasannpada,Madhur Malhar,Madhur Dhwani,madhur Kalyan ,Sneh gandhar.He has a large repertoire of rare and achop Ragas,raginies and traditional compositions inherited from his legacy.
A recipient of many awards,honours,distinctions and recognitions---Padmashri,National Tansen Award,H.T. life Time achievement award,Ustad Ameer Khan memorial Award,Sur Samman and many other national and international recognitions for his immense and outstanding contribution in the field of classical music.

“Indian Music is divine in origin and hence endowed with great powers. Music brings order out of chaos. In today’s materialistic world, where age-old ethical norms and moral values are fast deteriorating and a man is under constant pressure of mental as well as emotional stress, music can work as an effective tool for solving many of our problems related to hyper tension, stress and other disorders ” 

- Dr. Neeta Mathur