Dr. (Smt.) Neeta Mathur was initiated into classical music at an early age by her mother Smt. Uma Mathur. She was later on groomed in Khayal singing by Vidushi (prof.) Krishna Bisht, a well-known Khayal exponent and musicologist of Delhi Gharana. Neeta has also learnt some rare ragas, taranas, raagmalas and compositions from eminent classical vocalist Padma Bhushan Pt. (Dr.) Gokulotsavji Maharaj.

Dr. Neeta has performed in the prestigious music concerts in India and abroad.

She is teaching as Professor (Permanent faculty) in Vivekananda College , Delhi University.

Dr. Neeta has written three Books and several research papers & articles for journals. She has given Lecture / Demonstrations and paper presentations in Seminars and Symposiums. Dr. Mathur has given series of Lectures on Indian Music and Culture to the students from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Busan University, South Korea and Hamburg University, Germany studying at the Department of Linguistics, Delhi University. 

She is an approved artiste ('A' Grade) of All India Radio and Doordarshan, Delhi. Her National Programme of Music was recently telecast by Delhi Doordarshan's National Channel. She has also written many scripts and musical features for All India Radio, Delhi. She has Anchored "Sur Sadhna Programme" (Delhi Doordarshan), "Mehfil" (Urdu Service, AIR) and has been invited as Guest Speaker for Classical Music in "Aaj Savere", "Good Evening Live Show" (Delhi Doordarshan) and zee Network's Morning Show etc.

Neeta has also been enlisted as an artiste on the panel of Indian Council for Cultural Relations. 

“Indian Music is divine in origin and hence endowed with great powers. Music brings order out of chaos. In today’s materialistic world, where age-old ethical norms and moral values are fast deteriorating and a man is under constant pressure of mental as well as emotional stress, music can work as an effective tool for solving many of our problems related to hyper tension, stress and other disorders ” 

- Dr. Neeta Mathur